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#Metoo campaign

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With a lot of buzz regarding #metoo campaign been created in social media with sexual harassment and abuse cases prevailing in different types of existing industries, this has become one of the most evident feminist movement of recent times.
Few have opted to share their experiences without disclosing their names also. A lot of females had faced such incidences almost throughout their existence which had been haunting them in their lives. Through this campaign they have voiced their experiences which had made them feel disgusted, small, heavy hearted to the core. It’s OK ladies! It’s a purge and it isn’t supposed to be pretty..

The movement’s intent is already a success. With increasing voices day by day, movments like #metoo certainly creates a virtual pressure in minds of the accused making him understand that the time has come. Gone are the days when women had no say/ hearing anywhere and exploitation was at its peak.
On the other hand, there’s also a checklist for women to stick to-
1. Learn to empathise and support other women and their sufferings even if you have not faced it yourself
2. Learn to work hard, atleast for yourself to become financially independent so that while looking for a partner to get married, you look for a good companionship and not his salary
3. Look at the world beyond superficial things like beauty, money etc. The way forward should be that a deserving girl should get married to a deserving boy
4. Become emotionally strong
5.  Raise your voice against cases where you know you are being rewarded less for, be it workplace or any other place
6. Be more informed, knowledgeable instead of blabbering without knowing things
Ciao till we meet again…

Sweta Trivedi

(Writer is a Bussiness Analyst in a leading MNC)

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